Willa 2015-2019

Light, Glass, Plywood, RV

26 x 8.5 x 10 feet

Willa is a chamber of yellow light and glass hidden inside an old RV. It is large enough for 5 people to sit inside.

Hundreds of handmade cast glass objects collect light from the sky. The interior changes as light shifts throughout the day, sunrise to sunset, or as clouds pass overhead.

There is no electric light in Willa.

Light in Willa comes from the sky via a transparent roof, directly connecting the piece to the sky and its' cycles of day and night, weather, and seasons.

Willa is built for the slow read, for watching as light shifts and unfolds in rhythm with the time signature of the natural world.

Willa is intended to be experienced over an extended period of time.

Viewers are encouraged to spend as much time as possible inside the piece, especially to watch sunset, sunrise, or moon rise on a full moon night through the lens of Willa.