Yellow Light Room, 2013

Cast Glass, Light, Plywood

31 x 41 x 82 inches

Photo Tina Larkin

Yellow Light Room is an immersive light environment large enough for 1 or 2 people to sit inside. The small room's walls and ceiling are lined with over 100 individual cast glass pieces, each one built by hand and unique. The glass pieces include cast Car Parts, Dodge Ram, Cadillac, Chevy and Lincoln Hood Ornaments, CB Radios and Cords, and Abstract Elements.

A precursor to Debbie Long's large-scale outdoor Light Ships, The Yellow Light Room is installed indoors where its' inner chamber is surrounded by sheet rock walls built onsite to capture light from existing skylights or windows to illuminate the glass chamber. The piece constantly changes with the shifting light of day.

The chamber's inner dimensions are 31 x 41 x 82 inches. Yellow Light Room's outer dimensions are dependent upon the existing architecture of the site.